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Message from the Montezuma GOP Chairman - Allen Maez

Colorado Republicans had a great day, Saturday March 27, 2021. While the State GOP Organizational Meeting had a few glitches, it was very successful. A dynamic group of Republican Women have been assembled to lead us on a path to reclaim Colorado as a Red State. The recurring theme that resonated was that the State GOP needs to recognize and support grassroots at the County level, instead of top down policies. Kristi Burton Brown is the new Chair. Priscilla Rahn was elected to the Vice Chair position and Marilyn Harris is our new State GOP Secretary.

The Recall Polis effort has announced that rather than waste more time waiting for a Court decision on an extension of time for signature gathering, they will launch a completely new recall. I will be organizing the local effort and yes, everyone needs to sign again. Let's get this done, folks.

Our Congressional District, CD3, also had their Organizational meeting. I was elected to the Secretary position. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is up for re-election next year and already has plenty of Democrats aiming to replace her. Let's give Lauren all the support we can. She is a strong voice for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Speaking of the Bill of Rights, every time there is a tragic shooting, the Second Amendment faces criticism from those who choose to exploit the grief of the victims families. The perpetrators of these violent assaults on innocent victims must be made accountable for their heinous crimes.

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