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Message from the Chairman - Allen Maez

As the reality of Democrats style of governing and their absolute socialistic agenda is on full display, it is very important that we all work to engage voters questioning election integrity and build a united effort to come home to a sound fiscal government and defend our rights.

Whether you are a registered Democrat watching in disbelief at the "new normal" your party is embracing or an unaffiliated independent disenchanted buy both political parties who you decided wasn't really representing what you expect from representative government, come home to the Republican Party of Montezuma County, Colorado.

As Chair of the Republican Party here I care about the future of our community, as well as America. I live here. My family has lived in this valley for well over a hundred years. I am working to build a local party that respects the hard working legacy that is based on American principles.

I hope you will join us. I have the time and patience to listen to what you have to say. Our meetings are the first Thursday of every month. Together, let's build a stronger, united Montezuma County.

-Allen Maez, Montezuma County Republican Chairman

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