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MCRCC Chair Message 11.28.21

This year is drawing to an end, and we all can agree to hope for a better year in 2022. I want to take a moment to thank all those who contribute their time, energy, and skills to defending our rights and understand the obligations that come with living in a free America.

One of those obligations is to have the character to tell the truth in a society that currently does not share, nor rewards those of us who endeavor to do so. Our society is so saturated with messages that play to the worst aspect of human behavior, it seems a hopeless task to successfully confront and conquer the obstacles in our path. It took a long time for America to be in the situation we face today, and there is no shortage of blame to be shared. We became complacent about outsourcing our responsibilities as citizens to a management class, only to realize a bit too late perhaps, we were feeding a beast that might turn on us.

Republicans, as a whole, advocate limited government. That premise, is based on a belief that citizens understand the need to be good stewards of our rights, and that government is constrained to obey the framework as defined by the Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Obviously, things have gone awry. Partly due to the fact far too many have come to like subsidized benefits, courtesy of the U.S. Treasury and Congress.

A good start to righting the ship, requires good information and transparency about candidates running for elected office. I encourage each of you to take the time, ask hard questions of these people. With the political divisiveness of today, even media outlets have biases, so do your own fact checking. Once the elections are over, hold them accountable to do what they said they would do.

As the new year progresses, I will provide information through posts. If I can answer any questions, I can usually be found at Conservative Grounds (40 East Main, Cortez) most Saturdays, and sometimes on Tuesday and Thursday. My contact number is 970-560-5129.

Allen Maez, Montezuma County Republican Chair

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