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Chairman's Message - Allen Maez

These are difficult days for our Republic, and our Republican values. The last year I have spent in major outreach efforts. Our Headquarters on North Broadway saw an amazing influx of everyday people. Republicans, Unaffiliated, and even registered Democrats came by, voicing their concerns over what the 2020 election meant to them.

Concerned and humbled by what I saw and heard there, I know we need to address those concerns, or the Montezuma Republican Central Committee will become irrelevant to the majority of voters in this County. We cannot afford to be complacent and all of us must actively engage in the work that lies in front of us.

As the 2022 election cycle is looming, I look forward to leading our party as it's chair.

I can be found on Tuesday's and Saturday's at the Republican Women's Conservative Grounds coffee spot at 40 East Main in Cortez. I can also be reached through the revamped Montezuma GOP web page ( My personal cell number is 970.560.5129 or email me at

Thank you, Allen Maez

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