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2024 Precinct Caucus and County Assembly in Montezuma County

Updated: Feb 15

Republican Precinct Caucus - March 7th at 6pm

Find your caucus loction here, or check your voter registration card or look at the Precinct map to figure out what Precinct you are in. The last 3 digits of your Precinct code is what you will need. PURPOSE:To elect precinct chairpersons, then delegates to county assembly. There are 2 co-chairs per precinct, with a total of 12 precincts in Montezuma County. Precinct chairs have a vote within the Montezuma County Republicans. The Caucus is open to Republican voters within the county that have been registered at least 22 days prior to the Caucus.

Thursday, March 7th 2024 at 6pm - Republican Precinct Caucus locations:

Precinct 1 Pleasant View Elementary School, 15328 CR CC, Pleasant View

Precinct 2: Dolores Community Center, 400 Riverside Ave, Dolores

Precinct 3: Lewis-Arriola Community Center, 21203 Rd S, Cortez

Precinct 4: Lighthouse Baptist Church, 11502 Hwy 145, Cortez

Precinct 5: Lighthouse Baptist Church, 11502 Hwy 145, Cortez

Precinct 6: Towaoc Community Center, 485 Sunset Blvd., Towaoc

Precinct 7: First Assembly of God, 120 S. Linden Street, Cortez

Precinct 8: Baymont Hotel & Suites, 2279 Hawkins St, Cortez

Precinct 9: Montezuma Valley Presbyterian Church, 350 S Washington St, Cortez

Precinct 10: Montelores Catholic Church, 20 S Market, Cortez

Precinct 11: Mesa Trails Cowboy Church, 281 W Menefee St., Mancos

Precinct 12: Mesa Trails Cowboy Church, 281 W Menefee St., Mancos

Republican County Assemby - Saturday, March 16th - 5pm @ Lewis-Arriola Community Center

PURPOSE: To designate county candidates for the primary election and to select delegates to attend other higher assemblies (congressional districts, state, etc.). This year’s District & State Assemblies are in Pueblo Colorado on April 5th & 6th

Other Dates and Assemblies:

District Assembly (CD3 + SD6) April 5th - Pueblo CO

District Assemblies choose the National Convention Delegates (3 in each of Colorado's District) along with the district's delegates to the Colorado State Republican Assembly.

House District 58 Assembly April 5th - Pueblo CO

House District 59 Assembly March 23rd - VFW in Durango

Judicial District 22 Assembly - TBD

State Assembly April 6th - Colorado State Fairgrounds, Pueblo CO

The State Convention chooses 13 of 37 delegates from Colorado to the Republican National Convention

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